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Oiii Ayaw Ko Biyae! [Jul. 19th, 2008|11:57 pm]

[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Hoiii taga asa mo tanan? :) 

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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2007|03:34 pm]
I'm leaving for Cebu this Sunday!!! SO EXCITED!

I can't  wait to hear little kids speak Bisaya =)
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homecoming. [Jun. 30th, 2007|08:00 am]

hoi, mga people.. musta naman mo diha? busy na ang life ba? nangabusy ug nangatug ba? heheh. wa lang uy... wai lingaw lang gud ga post post lang ko kai na distract pa ko sa pag human aning pagimpake. also i regret na wa kaau ko ka-amigo ninyo diri aning ato ljrnl nga community. but thats the way it goes sometimes. i actually had two reasons nganong nagpost ko karon, the main one being that i needed to say, "haaay, manguli mi tomorrow!" i mean mo larga mis mama ug c papa padung uli sa Cebu ug mo abot mis Cebu by the third of July. and then maghimamat sa mga family, especially sa akong Lola who has been ill lately. So, mao ra to... wish me luck sa pag sakay ninyo uy! di man nuon ko nerbioson jud, so i guess thats a good thing para maka take-care pod ko nila ni mama if they get exhausted. why? cos travel is rough :)

so mao ra to.. i just wanted to share kai medjyo excited sa pag impake, sa pag travel shempre, and of course i'm looking forward sad sa hangop napod nga feelings inig kita namo nila and vise versa.

does anybody want me to bring something back?! heheh... its only polite to ask diba?! betaw...heheh.. di man sab ko mag dugay didto pod... balik dayun para gud maka trabaho ug tarong :)
i doubt anyone is gonna read this anyway but there it is!

bye for now, folks! hope you're all doing well!
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Slang? Or something... lol [Jun. 27th, 2007|11:09 am]

[Current Mood |confusedconfused]

Does anyone know what this word means?

"Rugis" Is that a slang word or something???
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ASWANG [Jan. 13th, 2007|02:39 pm]

Well, I’ve not posted awhile now, a long while, work has kept me busy.. busy.. and when I’m not at work my new son has been eating up most of whatever other time I have. BUT when I have gotten a minute or two to myself I’m been busy writing a book.
Aswang Book Cover Copyright © 2006 By Bill Baker
The book started out as yet another one of my true to life, personal adventures like so many I have written herein before. The story started out as one of my adventures in Bohol when one night I decided to walk to the graveyard and look for Aswang. You see, night in Bohol can get very boring and I thought that searching for Aswang would spice it up a bit.

Like I said, it started out as non-fiction and for some reason I decided that it would be fun to write a fictional story. So I wrote and I wrote, a little time here, a little time there and soon wala! I was finished… so I thought, hardly… You see… I let a few people read it and the story was so well received that the readers wanted more, one reader wanted me to kill off my uncle for laughing at me in the book, right kill my uncle? “are you crazy?”

So now I’m off writing more, not modifying the existing story, but writing what amounts to a whole new story. It’s going to be kind of cool because when I’m done I will join the two stories into one book. They are two stories that tell a story of Aswang the first a story (the first story I wrote) as viewed by a person being stalked and attacked by Aswang. The second a story of the life of an Aswang, told by an Aswang.

I finished the artwork for the cover as well. Even after all these years I still love Photoshop. One nice Sunday I took my wife on a drive around cemeteries here in San Diego where a took a bunch of photos, then filtered pictures of the moon in a blood red.. well here see for yourself…

Besides that I was finely able to make contact with the “Sons of Calape” a Boholano group I’m been trying to make contact with to join for a long time.
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Aids to Help Ourselves Learn!! [Jan. 3rd, 2007|11:46 pm]

[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

Okay, so for those of who, like me, are completely (or virtually) unable to speak bisaya, I found some links that we could use:

Learning Conversational Cebuano
The Cebuano Corner: Basics of Cebuano grammar
Also, buried somewhere waaaayyy back, there's an entry in this community that had a massive word doc that was basically a "how-to speak" manual, which apparently, was used by the Americans stationed around there...I don't remember the date or anything, I just remember it was from a lonnnngggg time ago. Does anyone remember that entry?

Also, if you google "cebuano" you'll be able to find a whole bunch of cebuano-english (and vice versa) dictionaries.

Hope this helps! =)

And for those of you who already know bisaya, or can at the very least read it, I found this, which I thought was a lot of fun. =D
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I want to improve my bisaya. [Dec. 22nd, 2006|02:23 pm]

Are there any helpful online sources that'll help me learn bisaya? Or a dictionary, perhaps?
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TYPHOON [Dec. 6th, 2006|01:42 am]

HEY EVERYONE! this is actually my first post in a community, well technically my second :P after hearing about the typhoon distaster in the Philippines, i wanted to get involved in helping provide relief to those whose family's and live's had been taken away. Even though the typhoon does not effect the visayan islands, i feel that i must do something to help. At this point, i pretty much feel helpless. I was thinking about organizing a charity fund at my school and even inquire it to my church (I haven't started yet, i just thought of it). But for now, the most i feel i can do is get others involved. I know i don't know many of you in this community, but i need your help and Philippines needs your help. I'm sorry i'm not the greatest motivator or writer, and this is the first time i'm trying to help publicly. Please help me in getting an organization started at any of your communities or anything else..i'm desperate to help any way i can right now...thank you soo much!!
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The Wet Market [Dec. 4th, 2006|01:58 pm]

I woke up early this morning and I heard a rooster crow. My thoughts went back to those mornings in the Philippines when you hear the early morning footsteps of people and tri-cycles passing by. No doubt most, if not all heading to the wet market.

I remember getting up and getting dressed so that I too could get to the wet market before the days heat began. While dressing I would hear people busy in the kitchen, the rustle of pots and pans and mumbled talking. Dressing and knowing full well that hot coffee and pandsal would be there to meet me when I descend the stair and enter the kitchen. Sitting at the table on plastic chairs more common in America to be use on the patio outside then in the house, I sip my steaming hot coffee and eat warm pandsal. The maid is making hot cakes or other such food items for Jan-Brian who’s still sleeping in his bed and Janet is busy preparing for market, but takes the time to kiss me and say good morning. Dogs bark, rosters crow and the occasional croak of a gecko hanging on the wall. The sounds of vendors passing bye shouting what food or drink they have for sale. All now, fond memories.

The morning is cool and its still dark out. The walk is short to the place where we will wait and eventually hire a tri-cycle to take us to the wet market. While we wait I hear the scrap, scrap, scarp of an old woman and her broom made from palm sweeping debris in to small piles that she will later pickup and dispose of or burn. My thoughts are broken as I hear Janet talk to the driver and ask if he would take us to the wet market.

Its lighter now as we ride down paved and unpaved roads in the tri-cycle, a tri-cycles who side car is a bit short for me due to my height. My head would bump the roof now and then when we hit a pothole or a ruff section of road, reminding me to hold my head lower. We are in a busy section of town now, you know this almost immediately as the sounds of life abound and of course the ever present exhaust fumes pumped in to your lungs from tri-cycles and jeepneys that abound in an areas such as this.

The tri-cycle comes to a halt with a slight yawn and jerk, I grab the pipe that’s welded to the front of the side car to aid me in getting out, my knees grateful to be able to stretch. Janet pays the driver the 3.25P fare and a peso as a tip, a sign that he’s been of service and gracious driver.

I love the wet market and as we enter I smile because I remember that the wet market is the place I took Janet on our last date on my trip to the Philippines prior to this one. Life is everywhere and the sights, sounds and smell of the market are fantastic. We pass the vegetables, row and rows of them cascades of colors fill you eyes as you pass by them and you can smell the freshness of the harvest.

Grains of all colors and textures in bins, buckets and barrels sitting side by side. The green of mongo beans offset by the tan color of a grin I can’t identify all melting in to so many varieties and sizes of rice.

I’m mesmerized bye the shear size of the area used to sell fish. A area the size if not larger that of one parking level in a Sears Roebuck parking garage. I stop often too look at the fish, some of which I have never seen before. This too, although smelly, is a colorful place gray and blacks, blues and yellow and the silver of course. Even the meat market has something to offer in the way of memories if not the smell of a slaughterhouse then the sound of each vendor competing for your business.

Most colorful and one that pleases the eyes is the fruit section. Bananas of every size and type. You can smell the sweetness of pineapple as you walk by the fruit vendors. They are cutting them removing the skin and “eyes” shaping them with spirals almost as if it were a works of art more than tasty treats to eat. Janet stops at a vendor and buys a small bunch of bananas, banana’s that are not much longer than my finger. She buys them because she knows I love to eat them.

I feel the shopping bags made from old cement sacks who's make shift handles are digging in to my hands. They are full and are beginning to get somewhat heavy and although I love going to the wet market, I’m glad when Janet tells me we are done.

How I miss the Philippines…..
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tongue tied [Dec. 3rd, 2006|01:10 am]

hoi, komosta naman mo mga higala....?! dugay dugay na jud ko ka read ug blogs diri ug mas dugay pa jud nga wa ko ka post. busy man gud sa uban, busy sa life. anyway who are we kidding, i was never really a big-time posting person on this community. pero kon suya jud kaayu ko sa beginnings pa ko nganhi, samut na jud ron. so anyway the following is my contribution to or attempt to spark a conversation, to open a dialogue in this livejournal community of my bisayan countrymen and women. ah! mora ma'g korek..! pero warning lang ha, i think mai pagka confusing gamai ang akong gi write.. feeling nako nga mai mga li-ut li-ut nga is maybe embarrassingly counter-productive to my point about writing (if i really even have one). but, you be the judge. you who are reading this now.. kai really igo lang ko mo share ninyo sa akong mga vulnerable moments.

by the way, unsa mai word kaha or phrase ba ron nga mo equate ana'ng "vulnerable"...?
maybe its because i only now and only barely started reading Jessica Hagedorn's "Dogeaters" that the thought/question that once burned furiously in my daydreams found its way back to me, is there a place for me in the written world (beyond blogging and journal-writing.. i'm no anais nin, y'know)? am i fool-hearty (or worse, naive) enough to believe i could really fulfill that back-burned crazy dream? will i someday just wake up and be able to deftly retell all the stories that have been given to me by my family, friends, loved-ones...at least so they don't all fall away unremembered and untold. can i earn my space in the narrative simply by the constant, monotonous, terrifying, repetitious, cathartic, joyful, celebratory, complex, challenging, impossible act of writing?....

how many cebuana-american women fiction (or heck even creative NONfiction) writers do you know off the top of your head? off the top of the endless google searchings? i don't know and can't even pretend to know or be that educated. i'm not well read enough or even, at this point, the least bit academic. i've been thinking of posting the same question(s) to the fil_lit101 group since i've been out of the loop there too.

not about whether or not i can write or whether that will come to any good.. heck, no one can (or should) answer those questions but me.

the questions i'm talking about have to do with what kind of writing is out there and available for... interested people like me.. straddling two worlds (or more), trying &praying &working to stay balanced, in tune with a vast an unforgiving, ever-expanding universe. what kinds of stories, ideas, beliefs, values are being perpetuated by the written word. what aren't? what notions, what conscience, what awareness is forgotten. what histories are stirred up, what memories? what poetry, what ideals?
what relevance...?
so, i don't know.. mao lang to akong gipanghuna-huna. leave a comment lang kon inspired ka to answer a question with a question of your own. keep in mind sad nga wa sad ko kahibaw pod sa unsa jud ang kalake sa literature and contemporary writings sa pilipinas as a nation let alone sa visayas region or sa cebu man gani on its own. kon aduna gani mo ika-contribute o ika-recommend nga author or style or book okey lng ko ana.

kai ang importante jud nga magamit kanunay ang mind in constant agitation kai kon dili then wa na jud tai pagasa ug gawas pa pud i heard nga mo tigulang ta'g dali :)
[[pero unsaon man nga tigulang naman daan ni?! lol]]
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